The game: Machineers – a 2D Puzzle Adventure Game.

The pitcher: Henrike Lode


The team:
Henrike Lode – CEO, Lead Artist and Project Manager
Giuseppe Enrico Franchi – Co-Founder, Lead Design, Story and Dialogues
Niels Gamsgaard Frederiksen – Co-Founder and Lead Tech
Jannek Egeskov Kristensen – Programmer
Morten Lennert Sorensen from Dapper Games – Character Animations
Michael Fischerson from Omnisound Copenhagen – Sound and Music

The website:

The trailer:





The game:
Machineers is a puzzle adventure with quirky robots and wonderful machines, where you learn to repair broken objects and machines by logically connecting gears and circuits. The outcome is getting the machines to work: The DJ machine plays a tune, the owl flaps its wings, the letters in a neon sign blink in unison. Solving mechanical puzzles trains your logic skills, until you can create your own inventions and earn yourself the title of “Machineer”.


The company:
Lohika is a young international company, based in Copenhagen, with a strong background in programming and game design. Our mission is to make good educational games that appeal to children and parents. Our products are comparable to commercial titles in terms of gameplay, sounds and graphics, because we transform the learning content into interesting game mechanics instead of merely gamifying them. Our players learn without knowing while being immersed in a beautiful universe and an engaging story.

Will the donor get anything in return if your game wins?
Support us and you will earn our eternal gratefulness, your name on our website, and on the credits, and of course a free copy of the game on your iPad/PC/Mac when we launch it. The highest bidders will get a VIP invite to our launch party in Copenhagen.

If you win, how will you use the money?
If we win, we will use this money to translate the dialogues to a selection of Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish) and port the first two episodes to PC, Mac and Linux, so we can make Machineers available to as many people as possible.




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