The game: Gefjun – create your own games in an easy to use CMS.

The pitcher: Steinunn Anna Gunnlaugsdottir


The team:
Leifur Björn Björnsson, founder of Locatify, Development manager, Programmer
Steinunn Anna Gunnlaugsdóttir, CEO & Marketing Director.
Pedro Netto, Web-Programmer,
Jack Fong Ji, Android Programmer,
Evvindur Elí Albersston, QA Manager
Sólborg Ingadóttir, Multimedia Designer
Kári Gunnarson, Graphic Artist

The website:




The game:

Bring learning closer to the act of play and create games. Pupils love their Smart-phones and pads; we want to use the tools they are familiar with to encourage their autonomy and creativity in a learning environment.

Kids enter Locatify´s game creation system, which is a webpage where they can create their own games in an easy to use CMS. The games are played using Smart-phones and Smart-pads. The games can be multiplayer, competitive with challenges, questions, pictures, audios, videos, puzzles, mini-games, text lit up, items moved around and with board game elements. The game scoreboard is in the app and will also be available on the game’s website where teachers and parents can access them.

It will be a free Smartphone application; subscription model is set up for single users and schools to use the creation tools. Games & app can be branded.

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The company:

Locatify Ltd. is a service provider for technology and platforms, allowing customers in the field of education, tourism, and entertainment to publish their content on Smart Devices. Locatify´s Creator platform makes it possible to design and publish guides and treasure hunt games to be enjoyed on location, via Smartphones.

Our statement is: Learning can be a fun game!

Our goal is to offer to teachers and students the tools to use games while studying. Introducing and integrating games improve traditional learning methods used in the classroom. By the use of modern technologies in a learning process the students will gain new learning experience.

Learning by doing is our focus. Locatify will create an innovative educational tool for teaching through play and fun. Gefjun enables children and teenagers to actively participate in learning where education is entwined with games, providing enjoyment, motivation, gratification, creativity and social interaction. Gefjun establish extraordinary and powerful contexts of learning by using students’ and teachers’ creativity and turning the lessons into games.

Will the donor get anything in return if your game wins?

The donors who will support the development of the game creation platform will be rewarded with the joy of giving. They can enter the platform and create their own game and publish it in the Gefjun app and give their friends, kids and family an opportunity to play it for free.

If you win, how will you use the money?

We are thankful for all the support we get and for those who believe in the Gefjun project with us. The winning fee will be the foundation for the start of the development of our visionary project.


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